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Absa Fund Managers Limited
Physical Address Postal Address
65 Empire Road
South Africa
PO Box 6115
South Africa
Communications Details
Tel: 011 480-5000
Fax: 011 480-5440
Email: unittrust@absa.co.za
Website: www.absa.co.za / www.absainvestments.co.za
List of Funds
  • Absa Absolute Fund
  • Absa Balanced Fund
  • Absa Bond Fund
  • Absa Euro Income Fund
  • Absa Fundisa Fund
  • Absa Income Enhancer Fund
  • Absa Inflation Beater Fund
  • Absa International Fund
  • Absa Large Cap Fund
  • Absa Managed CPI + 3% Fund of Funds
  • Absa Managed CPI + 4% Fund of Funds
  • Absa Managed CPI + 5% Fund of Funds
  • Absa Managed CPI + 6% Fund of Funds
  • Absa Managed Fund
  • Absa Money Market Fund
  • Absa Multi-Managed Bond Fund
  • Absa Opportunity Income Fund of Funds
  • Absa Pound Sterling Income Fund
  • Absa Property Equity Fund
  • Absa Prudential Fund of Funds
  • Absa Select Equity Fund
  • Absa US Dollar Income Fund
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