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Prescient Management Company Ltd.
Physical Address
Prescient House
Westlake Business Park
Otto Close
South Africa
Communications Details
Tel: 021 700-3600
Fax: 021 700-3722
List of Funds
  • 27four Asset Select Prescient Fund of Funds
  • 27four Balanced Prescient Fund of Funds
  • 27four Equity Prescient Fund of Funds
  • 27four Global Equity Prescient Feeder Fund
  • 27four Shari’ah Active Equity Prescient Fund
  • 27four Shari’ah Balanced Prescient Fund of Funds
  • 27four Stable Prescient Fund of Funds
  • 3Laws Climate Change Equity Prescient Fund
  • Abax Absolute Return Prescient Fund
  • Abax Balanced Prescient Fund
  • Abax Diversified Income Prescient Fund
  • Abax Equity Prescient Fund
  • Aeon Balanced Prescient Fund
  • Aeon Enhanced Equity Prescient Fund
  • Afena Equity Prescient Fund
  • Afena Managed Prescient Fund
  • Aylett Balanced Prescient Fund
  • Aylett Equity Prescient Fund
  • Bateleur Flexible Prescient Fund
  • ClucasGray Equity Prescient Fund
  • ClucasGray Future Titans Prescient Fund
  • Cordatus Worldwide Flexible Prescient Fund
  • Cordatus Worldwide Flexible Prescient Fund of Funds
  • EMHPrescient Balanced QuantPlus® Fund
  • EMHPrescient Diversified Income Fund
  • EMHPrescient Income Provider Fund
  • EMHPrescient Money Market Fund
  • Fairtree Equity Prescient Fund
  • Fairtree Flexible Balanced Prescient Fund
  • Huysamer Equity Prescient Fund
  • Huysamer Opportunity Prescient Fund
  • Integre Large Cap Prescient Fund
  • Laurium Flexible Prescient Fund
  • Maestro Equity Prescient Fund
  • Mergence CPI+4% Prescient Fund
  • Mergence Equity Prescient Fund
  • Prescient Absolute Balanced Fund
  • Prescient Africa Equity Fund
  • Prescient Bond QuantPlus® Fund
  • Prescient China Balanced Feeder Fund
  • Prescient Equity Active Quant Fund
  • Prescient Equity Defender Fund
  • Prescient Equity Income Fund
  • Prescient Equity Quant Fund
  • Prescient Global Growth Feeder Fund
  • Prescient Global Income Feeder Fund
  • Prescient Global Positive Return Feeder Fund
  • Prescient Income Provider Fund
  • Prescient Income Saver Fund
  • Prescient Living Planet Fund
  • Prescient Money Market Fund
  • Prescient Optimised Balanced Fund of Funds
  • Prescient Optimised Conservative Fund of Funds
  • Prescient Optimised Growth Fund of Funds
  • Prescient Optimised Moderate Fund of Funds
  • Prescient Positive Return QuantPlus® Fund
  • Prescient Private Clients Flexible Fund
  • Prescient Private Clients Managed Fund
  • Prescient Stable Income Fund
  • Prescient Wealth Balanced Fund of Funds
  • Prescient Wealth Income Fund of Funds
  • Prescient Yield QuantPlus® Fund
  • Tower Capital Core Income Prescient Fund
  • Tower Capital Equity Prescient Fund
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