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Romania - Sibex-Sibiu Stock Exchange
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3rd Floor
9-10, Aurel Vlaicu Square
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Tel: 0040 269 211-798/9
Fax: 0040 269 211-153
About the exchange
  • The first Futures and Options Exchange in Romania
  • One of the most innovative financial institutions in Romania
  • A compay based on the model of the American Exchanges
  • A secure market for hedgers and speculators
  • The opportunity to manage risk
  • Futures and Options on Futures, Currencies, Cross Rates, Stock Index, Interest Rates
  • The Romanian Clearing House offers a safe clearing system


The Sibiu Monetary - Financial & Commodities Exchange was founded in December 1994 as a corporation owned by its 14 shareholders holding 17 memberships.

In July 1997 Sibiu Monetary Financial and Commodities Exchange became the first financial futures and options exchange in Romania. It plays an important role in the market economy offering effective and efficient risk management trading facilities.

The creation of the first futures and options Romanian markets transformed the SMFCE from a commodities exchange into a national financial center where participants at the markets have the opportunity to hedge their risks or to profit from price movements using derivatives instruments.

Presently, the Exchange equity is about 500.000 $, representing its 60 shareholders’ contribution and the membership number has grown to 90.

June 2000 - Sibiu Monetary Financial and Commodities Exchange replaced the open outcry trading with the electronic trading system. Thus, SMFCE became a fully electronic exchange.

SMFCE's fully automated computer trading system - SAGGITARIUS - manages the input and matching of buy and sell orders and the execution of settlement procedures, as well as the dissemination of real-time data to members. The ability of SMFCE's computer trading systems to process large volumes of transactions quickly and accurately supports the Exchange's fast, transparent, and secure trading.

Since October 2000 - the futures and options contracts listed at SMFCE are traded via Internet from any place of Romania.
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