Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA)
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Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA)
Postal Address
PO Box 4464
Cape Town
South Africa
Communications Details
Tel: 021 509-5242
Fax: 021 509-0160
The Actuarial Society of South Africa ("ASSA") is the professional organisation for actuaries and actuarial students in South Africa. It is a founding member of the International Actuarial Association ("IAA") in its current form, and the ASSA President represents the South African profession on the IAA Council.

In South Africa, most actuaries are employed in the financial services sector, where their skills are utilised in financial decision-making. By analysing past events and assessing present risks, actuaries can demonstrate the future long term financial results of decisions. This allows companies and individuals to safeguard their future, confidently and at a fair price, in an ever-changing world. The application of actuarial science to various social and financial problems has resulted in actuaries being referred to as financial architects or social mathematicians.
Strategic Personnel
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Philentia Russouw Administrative Head
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