Croatia - Zagreb Stock Exchange (Zagrebacka Burza)
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Croatia - Zagreb Stock Exchange (Zagrebacka Burza)
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Ivana Lucica 2a
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Tel: 00385 1 4686-800
Fax: 00385 1 4677-680
The Zagreb Stock Exchange functions as a trading place for Stock exchange members who trade for their own accounts or for their clients, the owners of the stock. Members are dispersed throughout Croatia.

Trading of securities (stocks and bonds) is conducted through an electronic trading system MOST. The brokerages, members of the exchange, are connected by special telecommunication links with the Exchange headquarters on Ksaver, through which they enter their sell or buy orders directly from their offices, thus creating transactions with other brokers. Therefore, there is no single physical place (a traditional trading floor) where the trade is conducted; rather, it is conducted by electronically connected traders.

As of Monday, March 19th 2007, the Croatian Capital Market will have a unified, central market trading place. After registering with the court registry on Friday, March 16th 2007., the Varaždin Stock Exchange has closed its doors and merged with the Zagreb Stock Exchange. The Zagreb Stock Exchange will have a total of 426 listed securities after the merger.
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