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Argentina - Rosario Futures Exchange (ROFEX)
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Tel: 0054 341 530-2900
Fax: 0054 341 530-2906
About the exchange
Rosario Futures Exchange (ROFEX) -founded in 1909- as the "Mercado General de Productos Nacionales" (General Exchange of National Commodities) traded huge volumes of linen (1.3 Million Metric Tons in 1924) , corn (3.3 MMT in 1929) and wheat (3.7 MMT in 1924) during the first two decades, until governments not fond of free markets took power and inflation became a permanent fashion in the country. Between the late thirties and the end of the eighties, this exchange was most of the time intervened by government who used it as a regulatory agency and for official grain purchases.
At the beginning of the nineties the government allowed the negotiation of grain futures contracts in US dollars.

The latest and more active product is the Rosafe Soybean Index (RSI), a futures and options contract on soybeans, cash settled against the spot price at Rosario, where 75 % of the argentine soybeans crop is cash traded.

In september 1998, Rofex added to its traditional open-cry pit a screen based trading system called e-ROFEX.
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