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Hong Kong - Hong Kong Exchanges (HKEx)
Physical Address
12th Floor
One International Finance Centre
1 Harbour View Street
Hong Kong
Communications Details
Tel: 00852 2522-1122
Fax: 00852 2295-3106
Email: info@hkex.com.hk
Website: www.hkex.com.hk
About the exchange
HKEx is the holding company of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited and Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited. It brings together the market organisations which have transformed Hong Kong's financial services industry from a domestically focused industry to the global player it is today.

HKEx went public in June 2000 following the integration of the securities and futures market. As a listed company, answerable to its shareholders, HKEx competes vigorously for opportunities in the region and around the world. It is a market-driven business, operating business-driven markets.

HKEx is having an effective commercial business structure, geared to achieving growth and continuing success. Its operations are organised into focused and commercially driven business units, directly supervised and controlled by HKEx's management and board. The board, HKEx's highest decision-making body, shapes policies for major strategic and operational matters.

HKEx provides a comprehensive range of pre- and post-trade investment services. Business units have been established in four functions, comprising the exchange unit, the clearing unit, the e-business and information services unit and the IT/ systems unit.
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