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United Kingdom - London Metal Exchange
Physical Address
56 Leadenhall Street
London EC3A 2DX
United Kingdom
Communications Details
Tel: 0044 20 7264-5555
Fax: 0044 20 7680-0505
Website: www.lme.com
About the exchange
The London Metal Exchange provides the global forum for all those who wish to manage the risk of future price movements in non-ferrous metals. The Exchange has developed standardised contracts which assume that on falling due they will result in metal either being delivered or received.

Brands of metal that meet rigorous quality standards are stored in approved warehouses around the world so that metal can change hands - but in reality most contracts are settled out without that taking place.

All the trading associated with the Exchange means that the market is highly liquid, transparent and the prices published are seen as a true reflection of demand and supply by trade and industry.

The LME provides an outstanding service to industry through its activities, and has a great responsibility because of its pre-eminence in this field. We are proud of our regulatory standards, which promote further confidence in what we do.
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