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South Africa
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Tel: 012 665-0085
Fax: 012 665-0534
The Insurance Brokers Council of South Africa represents the cream of South Africa's independent brokers. Our members are committed to upholding its constitution and respecting its Code of Ethics.

The IBC enjoys a large and steadily increasing membership nationally. Members contribute to the importance and stature of South Africa's independent brokers as an established and respected part of South Africa's financial community. The organization represents a new breed of independent broker, men and women who realize that adding value to their relationship with their client is the only route to building a lasting and successful practice. Independent brokers subscribing to this belief will find common ground with colleagues within the IBC.

The IBC considers membership applications from experienced brokers with proven industry standing as the IBC always needs to ensure that its members are seen as true professionals. It is expected of IBC members to always honor our Code of Ethics, another reason for the organization to insist on continuous training.

Independent brokers have an increasingly important role to play. The need is growing for independent and professional advice in an environment that is becoming increasingly complex. New products are introduced to the market on a continuous basis and clients' needs are becoming more diverse. As the demand for professional and knowledgeable independent brokers increases, so the need for an organization to provide a support base for such brokers becomes greater.

The ever-growing stature and legitimacy of the IBC give its members, existing and new, the support structure needed to grow from strength to strength in an insurance business.
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