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Northcliff House
13 Hocky Avenue
South Africa
PO Box 1018
South Africa
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Tel: 011 478-5438
Fax: 086 567-9621
Email: Enquiries@RatingsAfrika.com
Website: www.RatingsAfrika.com
Ratings Afrika is the ultimate heir of the corporate governance rating business started by its CEO during 1987, alongside forensic accounting and litigation support within CA-Tech. Such work was performed publicly for the first time in 2002 within the previous owner of this business, CA-Ratings. There is thus a wealth of experience available in this regard, alongside over 45 years of general business experience in Southern Africa.

The majority of previous panel members involved in corporate governance ratings remain linked with the business, providing good follow-through on existing opinions, which have all been taken over by the new firm. Corporate governance opinions are largely aimed at equity investors and suppliers, since sound corporate governance signifies appropriate behaviour within market and societal expectations over an extended period.

Quality-related opinions are an innovation that is destined for general appreciation of both private and corporate end users. They are in the short term used in the buy decision. As these opinions grow, it is our expectation that success ratings will become an important consideration for long-term holders of corporate equity, be they individuals, mandated asset managers or corporate investors. There also are regulatory perspectives that may become important.
Strategic Personnel
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Charl Kocks Principal
Products and Services
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Governance ratings Research
Ratings Afrika acquired the corporate governance ratings business, clients and intellectual capital previously housed in CA-Ratings, in April 2007 at the time of that firm's acquisition by another agency. Ratings Afrika has melded this business with other opinions related to corporate quality.

Highly experienced businesspeople with southern African understanding are involved with the analysis and gauging of corporate and government approaches, processes and implementation linked to governance issues.
Appraisals of boards Research
Ratings Afrika performs independent appraisals of board effectiveness on a "full and frank" basis utilising highly experienced businesspeople and an interactive process rather than questionnaires.

Quality ratings Research
These range from corporate success ratings at the highest level, to customer experience opinions at the basic level. At different levels these opinions provide indications of corporate longevity and competitive positioning which have much to do with the sustainability of business ventures.

The opinions are also provided on certain government and quasi-government functions and departments, where they provide non-political and unbiased qualitative assessments of service delivery, fairness and administrative equity.

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