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September 2017
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Welcome to PROFILE'S FINANCIAL MARKETS online, the who's who in the South African financial markets.
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Listed Company Financial News
12 Oct 2017: Finbond interim results August 2017
Interest income rose by 22% to R244.1 million (2016: R200.9 million).Profit before taxation shot up by 127% to R171.4 million (2016: 75.6 million). Profit...more

11 Oct 2017: PSG interim results August 2017
Income for the interim period lowered to R3.2 billion (R3.6 billion). Profit for the period attributable to owners fell to R833 million (R1.0 billion)....more

05 Oct 2017: PSG Konsult interim results August 2017
Total income grew to R2.1 billion (R2.0 billion). Profit attributable to owners jumped to R239.4 million (R214.4 million). In addition, headline earnings...more

ZAR News
07 Aug 2017: INVESTING IN TOUGH TIMES (by Pieter Koekemoer, Coronation Fund Managers)
In times of stress, the human impulse is to take action. When the economy and investment returns start to sink, this instinct could drive investors to do something - anything - just for the sake of taking action. This is precisely the wrong reaction in challenging times.

There are many knee-jerk...more

01 Aug 2017: JULY'S SILVER LININGS (by Dave Mohr, Izak Odendaal, Old Mutual)
South African investors face the twin headache of disappointing returns and widespread uncertainty (and pessimism) over the domestic economy's prospects. But there has been better news recently. With one day to go, July has been a strong month on local and global markets, lifting year-to-date returns...more

One of the most important things to avoid in investing is permanent capital loss, because it is twice as hard to make up for that loss. For example, if you buy a share at R100 and its price drops by 50% to R50, to make up for that loss your share has to double in price - i.e. make a gain of 100% - just...more

Consumer Price Index (CPI) & Key Findings: September 2017
The headline CPI (for all urban areas) annual inflation rate in September 2017 was 5.1%.
This rate was 0.3 of a percentage point higher than the corresponding annual rate of 4.8% in August 2017.
On average, prices increased by 0.5% between August 2017 and September 2017.
CPI Headline September 2017 = 5.1%.
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Producer Price Index (PPI) & Key Findings: August 2017
Final manufactured goods – Headline PPI
The annual percentage change in the PPI for final manufactured goods was 4.2% in August 2017 (compared with 3.6% in July 2017). From July 2017 to August 2017 the PPI for final manufactured goods increased by 0.4%.
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Weekly Economic Briefing
by Forecaster Ecosa cc
Week Ending - 8 January 2016
  1. The rand touched a record R17,9950/US1 on 11 January from R16,30/US$1 on 8 January 2016, R13,04/$1 on 19 October 2015 and R11,41/$1 on 4 February 2015.
  2. The JSE all share index ended 2015 at 50 693,76, down 8,1% on the 24 April peak of 55 188,337.
  3. The African National Congress (ANC) 8 January statement put local government at “the apex of priorities.”
  4. The national matriculation pass rate slipped to 70,7% in 2015 from 75,8% in 2014 and 78,2% in 2013.
  5. Bulk export volumes rose by 7,3% in 2015 to a record 168 million tons (Mt) after only a 2,6% gain in 2014 and a 2,8% rise in 2013.
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Profile's Financial Markets 2014/2015 - Market Review
The review section of the 2014/2015 issue includes the following articles:
  • BA 900 summary of SA banks – April 2014: Ratings Africa
  • Financial Services Sector Faces a Growing List of Reforms: Sungard Systems South Africa (Pty) Ltd. 
  • Gold bulls silenced – but for how long?: Ciaran Ryan
  • JSE punches above its weight in global terms: Ciaran Ryan
  • The year so far – what’s happening on the JSE: Cannon Asset Managers
  • Why derivatives can strengthen your portfolio: JSE
  • Shareholder activism is winning the war for investor returns: Ciaran Ryan
  • Performance of Passive and Active Investment Methods: etfSA 
  • Retirement – is this the most neglected topic in South Africa?: Old Mutual Corporate
  • India and South Africa afflicted with similar illnesses, but chose different medicines: ETM Analytics
  • Global Market Report for the 12 months ended March 2014: Charles Campher
  • Ghana’s deteriorating business environment holds lessons for the rest of Africa: ETM Analytics
  • Nigerian Insurance Market: Fitch Ratings 
PDF (6.1kb)  CLICK HERE to open the PDF file


Profile's Financial Markets 2014/15 is the companion volume to this website. Click here for more information
Key Market Indicators
As at 18 October 2017
Indicator Close Move(%)
BRENT 57.88 0.56%
GOLD 1280.80 -1.80%
EURGBP 0.89 0.11%
USDJPY 112.99 0.59%
USDEUR 0.85 -0.24%
USDZAR 13.55 1.24%
USALB 2.34 1.96%
STEFI 3.78 0.02%
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